Wiltshire Golf League - Code of Conduct
This Code of Conduct sets out the minimum standards expected when participating in Wiltshire Golf League matches or Finals Day. You must ensure you are familiar with and understand the Code and meet these minimum standards at all times.
1. Code of Conduct
Breaches of the Code of Conduct include, but are not limited to, the following:
a) Care for the course, for example:
     - failure to repair pitch marks
     - not raking bunkers
     - not replacing divots
     - pulling trolleys onto or across teeing grounds;

b) Foul and abusive language

c) Abuse of clubs or the course:
     - throwing and/or breaking clubs
     - defacing or damaging on-course signage
     - damaging course equipment, tee markers, flagsticks, rakes etc.

d) Being disrespectful of other players, referees, organisers or spectators

e) Mis-use of Social Media:
     - publicly using critical or disrespectful descriptions of others via any social medial platforms
     - excessive use of social media during the round

f) Acting I a manner contrary to the spirit of the game (Rule 1).

2. Enforcement
The Committee may impose the following penalties for situations identified in 1 above:

First breach of Code of Conduct - Warning or Wiltshire Golf Committee Sanction
Subsequent Breaches - Loss of individual game and/or points deducted from the player's club in connection with matches and/or disqualification in relation to Final's Day.

 Note 1:Any breach of the conduct by the player’s caddie will result in sanctions being imposed against the player. 

3. The Committee's Decision is Final
The Wiltshire Golf League will impose any penalty, where applicable.