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Despite a number of reminders and the golfing season being well under way, it is disappointing to report that this year's subscriptions fees remain outstanding for:

Manor House

Please contact the Secretary/Treasurer if you have problems with making this payment for 2022.

Many thanks to those clubs who have responded positively to the last reminder. 

This has been arranged at Bowood Golf & Country Club for Sunday 16th October 2022
Clubs wishing to participate should contact the Secretary/Treasurer
The Start Sheet and final details will be available about 10 days before the event.
The Wiltshire Golf League's Committee for 2022 comprises: 
Doug Morgan (Chairman), Adrian Northall (Secretary/Treasurer) and Matthew List-Rose as the third member. Matthew is the League Team Captain for Bowood Golf & Country Club 's where the 2022 Finals Day will be held. These arrangements are in accordance with the League's Rules.
Feedback from the AGM - 12th February 2022
Club Secretaries are requesting that match dates that have been arranged are adhered to so that they can effectively manage the increased demand for tee times, competitions etc. that they are experiencing following the increase in membership numbers. If a request to change an already arranged match date is so that the requesting club can field its best team, do not be surprised if the request is declined as pressures on club diaries may make it impossible to accommodate such a request. Any club failing to honour its match commitments, particularly where a date for a match has already been agreed, the League's Rules would be applied.

League Team Captains should be aware that each Team comprises 8 available players (as the format is 4BBB, you do not need the full complement of eight players to fulfil the fixture). If that means your team does not comprise your best players, so be it! The League Rules govern the allocation of your players to the four matches, if you are unable to field all 8 players. 

Thanks to all clubs for submitting your match dates. There is only one Home/Away fixture outstanding across all three Divisions.

Division 1 - Broome Manor, Salisbury & South Wilts, Ogbourne Downs, Tidworth, Cumberwell Park
Division 2 - Bowood, North Wilts, Wrag Barn, Marlborough
Division 3 - Chippenham, Erlestoke, High Post, West Wilts and Manor House

Thanks to those clubs that have advised of changes to their League Team Captain. It would be appreciated if any additional changes could be advised to the League Secretary/Admin support as soon as possible.


Finals Day 2022 
This event will take place at Bowood Golf and Country Club on Sunday 16th October 2022. 
League Team Captains will be contacted in August.

The locally adopted Code of Conduct will apply to all of Wiltshire Golf League matches.