2019 Fixtures Division 3

Sat 30 Mar 1:00pmSaturday 30 March 1:00pm West Wilts Erlestoke
Sat 4 May 1:00pmSaturday 4 May 1:00pm Marlborough The Wiltshire
Sun 12 May 12:00pmSunday 12 May 12:00pm Erlestoke Marlborough
Sat 18 May 12:00pmSaturday 18 May 12:00pm Cumberwell Park West Wilts
12:30pm12:30pm The Wiltshire South Cerney
Sat 8 Jun 1:00pmSaturday 8 June 1:00pm Marlborough South Cerney
1:00pm1:00pm West Wilts The Wiltshire
Sat 15 Jun 12:30pmSaturday 15 June 12:30pm The Wiltshire Marlborough
Sat 22 Jun 12:00pmSaturday 22 June 12:00pm Erlestoke West Wilts
Sun 23 Jun 2:00pmSunday 23 June 2:00pm The Wiltshire Cumberwell Park
Sat 29 Jun 1:00pmSaturday 29 June 1:00pm Marlborough Cumberwell Park
Sun 30 Jun 1:00pmSunday 30 June 1:00pm South Cerney The Wiltshire
Sun 7 Jul 1:00pmSunday 7 July 1:00pm Cumberwell Park South Cerney
Sat 13 Jul 1:00pmSaturday 13 July 1:00pm West Wilts Cumberwell Park
Sat 20 Jul 12:30pmSaturday 20 July 12:30pm The Wiltshire Erlestoke
27 July27 July The Wiltshire Cumberwell Park
12:30pm12:30pm Cumberwell Park The Wiltshire
1:00pm1:00pm South Cerney West Wilts
Sat 3 Aug 1:00pmSaturday 3 August 1:00pm South Cerney Cumberwell Park
1:00pm1:00pm West Wilts Marlborough
Sat 10 Aug 12:00pmSaturday 10 August 12:00pm Cumberwell Park Erlestoke
Sat 17 Aug 1:00pmSaturday 17 August 1:00pm Marlborough Erlestoke
Sat 24 Aug 12:30pmSaturday 24 August 12:30pm The Wiltshire West Wilts
Sat 31 Aug 12:00pmSaturday 31 August 12:00pm Cumberwell Park Marlborough
1:00pm1:00pm Erlestoke The Wiltshire
Sun 8 Sep 1:00pmSunday 8 September 1:00pm South Cerney Marlborough
Sat 21 Sep 1:00pmSaturday 21 September 1:00pm West Wilts South Cerney
Sat 28 Sep 12:00pmSaturday 28 September 12:00pm Erlestoke Cumberwell Park
Sat 5 Oct 12:00pmSaturday 5 October 12:00pm South Cerney Erlestoke
1:00pm1:00pm Marlborough West Wilts