Welcome to the official web site of the Wiltshire Golf League
Following the AGM on Saturday February 9th 2019, the current Committee of the Wiltshire Golf League is Chairman - Doug Morgan (Cumberwell Park), Secretary / Treasurer - Adrian Northall (The Wiltshire) and Tom Martin (West Wiltshire).

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING to be held on Saturday 22nd February 2020 (starting at 10.30am) 
Venue – North Wilts Golf Club 


1.Welcome & Introductions 
2.Apologies for absence: Mark Symonds (Cumberwell Park), Jim Cameron (Upavon) 
3.Approval of the Minutes of the AGM of Saturday 9th February 2019 
4.Matters arising not covered elsewhere on the Agenda 
5.Election of Executive Committee 
    II.Secretary / Treasurer 
    III.Third Committee Member (Representative from Tidworth Garrison Golf Club who host Finals Day on Sunday 18th October 2020) 
6.Secretary`s Report 
7.Treasurer`s Report – Accounts 2019 and draft budget for 2020 
8. Amendment to Wiltshire Golf League Rules – No proposed changes have been received. 
9.Arrangements for Finals’ Days: 
    –2020: Tidworth Garrison Golf Club – Sunday 18th October 
    –2021: Cumberwell Par Golf Club – date to be arranged. 
10. Any other business 

Secretary / Treasurer Wiltshire Golf League 

NB: refreshments will be available from 10.00


DIVISION 1 - Ogbourne Downs, Upavon, Broome Manor, Tidworth Garrison, Bowood and Salisbury and South Wilts. 
DIVISION 2 - North Wilts, High Post, Wrag Barn, Cumberwell Park and West Wilts
DIVISION 3 - Chippenham, The Wiltshire, Marlborough, Erlestoke and Manor House

Code of Conduct
At the AGM, those present agreed that your Committee would review the Code of Conduct that England Golf would be applying to all national competitions and consider its applicability to Wiltshire Golf League matches. This Code of Conduct has now been published and can be found on the England Golf website under Competitions.
Your Committee will review this document and advise League Team Captains of their decision before the first match is played.